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Happy “Occupy Our Food Supply” Day

‎”When our food is at risk we are all at risk.” There are few things more personal than the food we put into our bodies. With less than 10 corporations controlling more than half the food on grocery store shelves, we are … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up

Here’s an inspiring clip of a 6 year old sharing her concept of a community she will create when she grows up–one that is based on a giving economy. Unstaged, unprepared, just straight from the heart…enjoy and Happy 2012.

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Charitable Chocolate: Giving Just Got Sweeter

Something about the holidays makes me go chocolate crazy. I want it…all the time. I had about three months in early pregnancy where I couldn’t stand the thought of anything dark, milky or bittersweet, but now I’m back, baby. I’m … Continue reading

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Let Your Garden Grow: Grants Now Available

There’s good news for school gardens out there. FoodCorps and the Whole Kids Foundation have teamed up to offer a School Garden Grant Program – providing $2,000 grants to support up to 1,000 school garden projects across the country. Seeds, … Continue reading

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Organ Donors: The Most Charitable Bodies in Town

Every time I go to renew my license, I face a moment of truth – you know the one. The application asks you to check whether you want to be an organ and tissue donor. It’s worded in a most … Continue reading

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