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Learning to Read or Reading to Learn? Why Early Education Matters, and What Funders are Doing About It

Today we know more than ever about how young children develop and how important it is to support their learning from an early age. Brain research says that the first five years of life are critical and set the stage … Continue reading

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Putting Food in the Mouths of Others: Family Philanthropists Feed the Homeless

I have to admit: There’s something about it being 5 degrees outside that makes me feel, well, less than charitable. But this wasn’t the case for the 11 family philanthropists who dedicated one of their nights in New York to … Continue reading

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Charity Meets Art & Action: A Street Photographer Takes the Prize

It’s no wonder the TED Prize got my attention. My husband’s name is – well, you guessed it – Theodore. Ted for short. If you’ve never heard of it, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Each year, TED gives … Continue reading

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Free Webinar to Inspire Mindfulness & Action

Okay – here’s a good question: How do we abide fully in the spirit of of our giving and work with others? Our lives are full, we are all busy people and it’s all too easy to slip into  mindless … Continue reading

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Organ Donors: The Most Charitable Bodies in Town

Every time I go to renew my license, I face a moment of truth – you know the one. The application asks you to check whether you want to be an organ and tissue donor. It’s worded in a most … Continue reading

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New Blog for the Charitable at Heart

Hello and welcome! This is a new blog for grantmakers, donors, mission-driven folks and otherwise charitable beings: anyone thinking about philanthropy, doing philanthropy, or engaged in activism or service. Whether you are making grants, giving away money or goods or … Continue reading

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